I’m Back!

I. Am. Back! When I first started this blog, I had the intention to blog at least once a week… that was very ambitious for the season of life that I was in and where my priorities were at. I had just started a new job, I was still in school working on my master’s degree and was newly married. It was such a fun, busy but amazing season of life. Fast forward almost a year later and many things have changed, but I am still in a busy season of life.

Update: Over the past year since I have last written, I have: taken vacations with my husband and family, completed my master’s degree, started a certification program to become a nutrition coach (only 10 weeks left!) and most importantly… I am pregnant! My husband and I both are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first sweet babe in March of 2022.

With that being said, I know that my “busy season of life” is just getting started. However, with starting nutrition coaching, I want to dive in head first to blogging to share experiences I have with this new journey.

It is not new news here that I have struggled with body image/eating and society norms for the last 7 years. That being said, getting pregnant has truly shown me what is so important. I have looked back on pictures and thought “and I thought I was ‘fat’ then?”. Being pregnant, it has been a challenge struggling with body image issues – but it does open my eyes to the miracle my body is nourishing and protecting.

I want to say though: just because you are pregnant does not mean that you have to act like you aren’t struggling with your body image. I do still. Almost every day. But I also have a new appreciation for my body and what it is doing. I have enjoyed pregnancy so far and feeling our sweet boy move around, but I am also looking forward to my post-partum journey and getting myself back into the best version of me. That might not be my “smallest” version, or the “version” of me pre-pregnancy. I am just determined to be healthy, active, and striving for goals I set for myself.

Question for reflection: if you are pregnant or even if you are not and still just struggle with body image – the one question I have been asking myself each week/daily is “What is one thing you are proud of with your body right now?” My answer would currently be: being dedicated to staying active but listening to my body’s limitations in the gym. Being able to move our bodies is SUCH a privilege as there are so many people that are not able to do so for many different reasons!

Happy Tuesday!

-Paigey C

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