The Quarantine Holiday Outfit Guide

Ugh! The exciting but yet dreaded holiday season of 2020. Holiday season is my FAVORITE time of the year, especially Thanksgiving. As we have seen Thanksgiving come and go in 2020, it is now time to prepare for Christmas! Get your holiday spirit ready – I am going to give some tips on outfits for this special celebration!

First – lets be real… the holiday’s can be not-so-nice to our waistline. As I am sure you have read in my previous posts, this is something that I struggle with. But what is better – finding a fashionable outfit to wear to your holiday get togethers without feeling like you look like an oompa loompa (that is what I always compare myself to).

Sometimes, we put on an outfit we have in our head and it just DOES NOT turn out how we expected. The holiday’s are about enjoying the time with our family and friends and often that means we are going to be around yummy food and drinks that are just too good to resist.

So how do we look cute while remaining comfortable? Here it is: baggy (mom style) or stretchy (looooots of elastic/spandex) jeans and an oversized sweater. The way to my heart. I had two different Thanksgiving parties to go to this year on separate days and each time I wore an oversized sweater and comfortable jeans.

Picture on the left:

Here, I wore baggy mom jeans with an oversized poncho sweater. I dressed it up a bit with heeled booties, crimped my hair and a cute headband!

Picture on the right:

For this Thanksgiving celebration, I wore super stretchy jeans with a frayed bottom hem and an oversized sweater. There was no jewelry worn, but cute booties paired with the outfit.

If anyone knows me, they know that I LOVE taking pictures (especially with my handsome husband). One of my favorite pass times is to look at pictures over the years on my phone or pull out the tubs of 4×6 pictures that my mom had taken as we grew up and look at those!

That being said, I always like to dress up with the opportunity for a picture to be taken! Holiday’s are normally great photo op days and I will take full advantage. So here is a way to feel/look cute while staying comfortable this holiday season!

All the love,

Paigey C.

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